Training Today, For a Brighter Tomorrow.

Training Today, For a brighter tomorrow.


Martin Training and Staffing Solutions is the agency responsible for hiring and training employees for Martin Interconnect Services. If you are interested in applying online for employment at MIS click on the apply online tab.

MTSS is a full-service staffing and training agency offering services to the public:

• General Manufacturing Processes
• Workforce Training
• Soft Skills Training
• Resume Writing
• Technical Training

At Martin Training And Staffing Solutions we are dedicated to providing training and assistance to the individual so that they may achieve and maintain employment for the long term. We are not a temp service nor simply a placement agency, we are much more. We are happy to assist those individuals who are searching for employment, tired of doing it all on their own, and willing to take the necessary steps to be successful. Our motto is, If you provide the commitment, we will provide the training.

Employers can look to MTSS to be able to train their workforce as well as provide an employee pool. We have warehouse space reserved for outsourcing solutions for manufacturing. MTSS is located on the Wichita bus route and can offer space and labor for outsourcing of light assembly for manufacturers from anywhere around the country.


What does MTSS Provide?

Work Experience and job knowledge are essential in today’s workforce.  The Martin Training program helps to develop a better understanding of the soft skills individuals will need to be successful in today’s work environment.  Martin Training provides technical training and real life work experience through a fully functioning manufacturing facility. Job search assistance includes many positions throughout the community in; manufacturing, clerical, custodial, retail, and professional. Our highly trained staff is prepared to review a wide array of topics and skills:


MTSS culture is based on these 5 core values for growth and success.

Dedication : To moving forward in an ever-changing economy
Respect : Staying true to our community and those we serve
Empowerment : Helping people become stronger and more confident in the workforce
Hope : Providing expectation and desire for a better life
Fulfillment : Helping others become happy and satisfied in their jobs


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How To Reach Us

We are ready to help answer your questions!  You may contact us via e-mail, phone, or simply fill out the contact form and a knowledgeable representative will be happy to assist you.

Martin Training & Staffing Solutions
3001 E. Harry, Wichita KS 67147
Toll Free: