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Job Training

Many people are trying to land an entry level job, but have no experience, poor job history, or a number of other common barriers to employment and our job training program may be the perfect fit. The Martin Training program is designed to identify what barriers might be holding people back and work with them to overcome them. MTSS works with many local agencies including Episcopal Social Services, Salvation Army, Saint Francis Ministries, Vocational Rehabilitation, DCF, and Work Release.

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Employer Solutions

Local employers that are looking for dedicated employees may be able to find candidates for their openings from our pool of training program graduates. Our training program graduates will all be eager to get out there and find employment. They will all be versed in many different areas of business and will have spent time learning specific skills as well as several hours learning soft skills.

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Job Search and Placement

As part of our core values Martin Training offers job placement services for individuals in our training program looking to find a job that matches their skills, interests, and work style. If you are an employer this service is free. Our training program participants will have completed at least 2 weeks of the training program before they will be admitted into the job placement program.

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Outsource Light Assembly

Outsourcing can help your business reduce labor cost and may also help reduce or eliminate certain expenses, particularly overhead and equipment. MTSS has warehouse space and labor available to take on your business’ non-core activities. There are many advantages of outsourcing, especially if the task is short term, or slowing down primary production. Outsourcing may lead to faster turnaround times for your business as well as an overall savings in operational costs.

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