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We have worked with Martin Interconnect pretty consistently over the past 10 years and had the privilege to see them grow as a business and in services that provide a much needed forum for training and certifications to populations that need it most. Martin Interconnect is one of the first business's that comes to mind when one thinks of "2nd Chance" Employment opportunities and giving an under served justice challenged population's much needed job and soft skills that has made a significant impact on our mission of reducing recidivism and helping our population contribute to the tax base as consumers as opposed to returning to the criminal justice system.

Corey D Brock, Offender Work Force Development SpecialistWichita Work Release Facility

Martin Interconnect is a growing business that provides opportunity for employment in Wichita Kansas. For the past year Breakthrough has been a community partner with Martin Interconnect and have developed a great system to help employees be successful. Martin Interconnect provides an opportunity for unemployed individuals to receive training and certifications in manufacturing. Martin Interconnect is a champion employer who gives people a chance to overcome the barriers; they work with people who have disabilities or underdeveloped job/social skills. The partnership of Breakthrough and Martin Interconnect helps people develop needed job and soft skills that make a positive impact in the Wichita community.

Leonor Loughridge Director of Employment